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The Champions League is undoubtedly the most famous international tournament in the world. The best teams from the top leagues in Europe compete for the CL trophy and the crown as the best in Europe. Since European teams are the best in the world, logically, the club that wins the CL is most likely the no.1 globally. Even though the best in the world is decided at the Club World Cup, it’s usually European teams who win it.

Over a billion people tune in to watch the CL final each year, making the match among the most viewed, along with the World Cup final. The popularity of the sport has influenced many other industries. One of the most popular is the gambling/betting industry. People are known for placing bets on their favourite teams for many years now. The casino industry has recently inducted betting options as a way to attract more players. They’ve even themed some of their most popular games with the team logos, best players, etc.

People Play Video Slots with Football Teams as Themes

Slots are some of the most popular casino games in the world. People have the chance to win millions with progressive jackpots by wagering less than a dollar. Their gameplay is simple and fast. Like we stated earlier, online casinos started creating certain football-themed games as a way to increase traffic on their sites. Some of the online casinos even allow people to play video slots with some of their favourite players and teams as background pictures.

Each club has millions of fans around the world and there are a lot of them that are considered as great contenders. But, there can only be 1 winner, so we wanted to share some of the biggest favourites to win the CL.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid might not be as great as they were when they won 3 back-to-back titles, but their mindset changes each time they go in this tournament. No matter how hard their time is in La Liga, they always find a way to reach the knockout rounds. This year is looking no different as Zidane’s boys are as motivated as ever to win.

Bayern Munich

Bayern is always the team that no one considers a top contender, but they are capable to dominate the tournament and win it with ease. Lewandowski is in top form as the rest of the team and they don’t seem to be stopping as they march towards the final.


The last time Juve were in a CL final was in 2017 against Real Madrid. Sadly, they lost the game, but are more determined than ever to win their first trophy in over 20 years. Even though they have a new coach and tactics are not at the highest level, some of the players in the top form and will do everything in their power to bring the CL trophy in Turin.

Manchester City

Pep and his team might be in big trouble due to his ban, but make no mistake, this team can be relentless when it comes to the Champions League. The players are eager to win the trophy and Guardiola is more focused than ever.


Finally, we have one of the best teams (probably the best) in the last 5-6 years. Liverpool has been a true bloodhound in the game for the past two seasons. Last year they won the CL and from the looks of it, they will end up with both the Premier League and Champions League trophies in their cabinet. They still have a long way to go, but many experts see them as the biggest favourites.

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