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On the occasion of the UN World Day of Peace on September 21, young ambassadors from “Football for Friendship” discussed with representatives of the football club FC Schalke 04 on the subject of “How football moves the world forward – for more togetherness”. The campaign is part of the UN campaign On the 75th founding day, # UN75 initiated global dialogue to find new solutions in global cooperation.

Left to right: Sebastian Buntkirchen, Managing Director of Schalke hilft!, Ananya Kamboj, Young Ambassador of F4F, and Omar Mascarell, Captain of FC Schalke 04.

The aim of the UN campaign is to draw the general public’s attention to the need to bring about peace and friendly coexistence through dialogue and mutual understanding. The international social program for children “Football for Friendship”, launched in 2013, actively contributes to overcoming barriers and prejudices between countries and peoples. The young participants from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan expressed their own ideas on how the world can be improved. On the part of FC Schalke 04, Omar Mascarell, team captain of the club’s Bundesliga team, and Sebastian Buntkirchen, managing director of the “Schalke hilft!” Foundation, took part in the online conversation.

“I have loved football from childhood. I would like this great game to be accessible to everyone who wants to build a future with and in it. Football should offer everyone equal opportunities and development opportunities, regardless of their nationality, race, their social status and their gender. The most important principles of football are at the same time the most important foundations of human coexistence. This was particularly noticeable in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic gave values ​​such as sympathy and compassion a completely new value, “he said FC Schalke 04 captain, Omar Mascarell.

“I have been participating in the” Football for Friendship “program for three years. Let us pledge towards establishing societies based on peaceful living with harmony & brotherhood. Peace is the basis for prosperity & progress. Through understanding, compassion & supporting each other, we can create a peaceful world. I believe Football for Friendship is an enabling tool. Once young people feel empowered and are offered pathways for their development, and all of it in a fun environment, you will be surprised about the level of talent and leadership skills that are being unlocked. Programs like F4F improve the economic as well as social fabric of the society by providing opportunities to children of different nationalities, different genders, and different physical abilities, “says 15-year-old Ananya Kamboj from India.

The conclusions and recommendations of the dialogue are passed on to the United Nations. You can find the recording of the web conversation here:

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