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February 17, 2021, Chandigarh: Kickstarting the IPL season, Kings XI Punjab today announces the unveiling of a new brand identity i.e., Punjab Kings and logo which communicates the spirit of Punjab. The new brand name enhances the connection, that the team has built over the years with its fan base around the world and helps it to stand out amongst competition.

Punjab Kings

The new brand identity is more contemporary and evolved, extends to accentuate the team’s Punjabi provenance. Through the renewed identity, the spirit of Punjab is coming to light, infusing vigor and vibrancy while maintaining the long legacy through the motif, lion. The brand name and monogram, lion in the team’s logo stand for exuberance. It is symbolic to the dynamic and distinctive edge of the team, through its sharp forms. While the color stands for vibrancy, the roaring lion monogram has been simplified to an iconic rendition which fits into a confined space while giving all the elements a very modern feel.

Commenting on the occasion the promoters philosophy of Punjab Kings said, We are much more than a team, but a family which has come together  and built a connect with our fans through our relentless hard work. The new brand logo and name are an extension to our undying spirit of fighting against all odds and celebrating the true spirit of Punjab.”

Speaking on the new brand identity Satish Menon, CEO, Punjab Kings said, Punjab Kings is a more evolved brand name, and we understand it was a right time for us to move focus on the core brand itself. The change in brand identity is not about changing our brand ethos but celebrating our one-ness as we stand in unit like a family. The new logo honors the liveliness and vibrancy of the brand and provides modern elements, while we stand out from rest of the teams.”

Apart from the logo change, the branding elements, communication, and messaging have been given a more simplified and inclusive look.

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